Welcome to Teras Aviation E-learning platform

This Platform is dedicated only to our courses in English

How should you to be proceed to get enrolled in our courses?

Payment options to enroll the students:

By Bank Transfer 

Go to "COURSES CATALOG => CATEGORIES", right side top screen,  then check price related to the course that you wants,

Make the payment by Transfer following the Acount Details hereunder:

  1. Account name: Teras Aviacion
  2. Account number: ES40 2100 8517 8402 0004 7163
  3. Swift: CAIX ES BB XXX
  4.  Bank Brand: CaixaBank

Send us the email address of the students to be enrolled by our-self and will send them the credentials to get access the course.

Send us also proof (copy) of the payment done, by email to: info@terasaviation.com then we will do the enrollment of the students and send them the credentials. Confirm us which coures/s title did you paid.

By PayPal (using a credit card, or debit card, or your Bank Account):

Follow the hereunder instructions, please:

  1. To Sign-in please select the Login icon at the top of this page.
  2.  If you do not have an account yet, then Sign-up to register and get started.
  3. Once you are signed-in you can purchase your course(s) and you will have immediate access to each course you purchase. (you can see the list of courses selecting "COURSES CATALOG => CATEGORIES", right side top screen)
  4. Only in case the students are different from the person that carried out the payments, then please inform us urgently to: info@terasaviation.com and send us the email address of the students (NOTE: in such case, the person that performed the payment should not get access to the course materials, as it will be allowed only for the students).